Canine – High Sensitivity Workshop – Dr. med vet Maya Bram MRCVS.


CPD days & Workshops

It is vital as a Canine Bowen Technique Practitioner to ensure we maintain standards of our work as well as continue to evolve and progress our knowledge in the field we work in. One of the reasons I have refused to teach in multiple countries is the belief that a practitioner course is just the start and I can only offer so much time to teach alongside my own clinics as well as considering my animals and my own wellbeing.

To work ethically as a teacher and continue to work in the best interests of the dogs welfare, you must continue to provide support and opportunities for further learning as students/practitioners progress in their work. All of our theories, knowledge and experience continues to evolve. Members of CBTA – Canine Bowen Technique Association (formerly EGCBT) and animal practitioners listed on the BTPA Bowen Therapy Professional Association website, are required to fulfil specific CPD requirements annually and these workshops which have been developed over the years will contribute to part and/or, all of these requirements.


I have been incredibly lucky to have the permission as well as the opportunity over the last 6 years to shadow and study with Sally & Ron Askew*. I am able to continue to teach their EGCBT practitioner training courses and CPD days which they have developed over many years, alongside CPD days I have developed since working with them, influenced by their teaching.

*Sally and Ron Askew adapted Bowen for use on dogs in the UK in 2001 alongside their own dog behavioural and rehabilitation work. They developed their practitioner training course in 2004 and founded EGCBT – the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists in 2003, bringing this exciting modality to both the UK and mainland Europe (See for further details).